Alcohol offenses are serious. A DUI in Maryland can result in the loss of your driver’s license, employment, reputation, and your freedom. These are the repercussions you face in Maryland for being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI/DWI). Unfortunately some employers may be forced to terminate employees who are convicted of drunk driving because of their insurance requirements, but there are a number of ways to fight your pending charges and win.

Even if this is your first time being charged with a crime, you face criminal penalties that consist of a maximum of one year in jail and thousands of dollars in court fines. One thing that many Maryland residents take for granted is their ability to drive. Being forced to walk everywhere, to use public transportation, or taking a cab to buy groceries for your family is a serious consideration; these are just some of the things to consider before pleading guilty or retaining a bargain basement DUI lawyer to defend your case.

Act Now or Lose Your Right to Drive

You can save your driver’s license RIGHT NOW, but you only have 10 days from the date of your arrest to request a motor vehicle administration hearing or you will lose your license. Simply complete our 24-hour DUI case evaluation form and we will immediately contact you to discuss your case and begin the motor vehicle hearing process or call 1-877-472-0791.

A DUI Conviction Can Haunt Your Future

You’ve heard about the initial consequences of a drunk-driving conviction, but the more damaging long term consequences can hit you years from now when applying for a new job, going through a background or security clearance check, leaving the country for business or vacation, or when seeking custody of children in a divorce. The only way to avoid these long-term consequences is to fight your DUI charges now.

Emotional Impact of a DUI Arrest

Guilt, anxiety, depression, stress, and uncertainty are all common emotions that follow a DUI arrest. If you are looking for free, no obligation advice about the penalties and laws associated with a drunk driving charge in Maryland, contact us.

DUI/DWI Advice Line: 1-877-472-0791


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